Woman Cancels Wedding and Donates Venue to Deserving Couple

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November 26, 2018
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Woman Cancels Wedding and Donates Venue to Deserving Couple

A bride-to-be thought she was going to have the most fairy-tale like wedding anyone had ever had, instead she broke up with her fiancé. Family was the most important thing in Jessica Carter’s life. Her fiancé did not respect her love for her family and Jessica thought it was for the best to cancel their wedding. There was one big problem though, the venue was non-refundable. Jessica decided to make another couple happy, only she had to be sure they were a perfect match.

Jessica and her fiancé Kevin were about to get married, but Jessica cancelled their wedding.

Jessica and Kevin’s big day was quickly approaching. Kevin proposed to her one year ago, and now the two were ready to seal the deal. Jessica’s aunt could not make it to the wedding. She was a busy business lady with multiple factories in China. Because she was unable to come, she felt like she had to surprise her favorite niece in a big way. One day Jessica was checking her savings account. Suddenly she had more than $200,000 on her savings account. It wasn’t a mistake from the bank though, it was a gift from her aunt. The money eventually became the reason the couple broke up.

After their brake-up, Jessica returned to her parents’ home.

With the money Jessica received from her aunt, she booked a nice venue, a photographer, food and flowers. But the couple got into a fight about how to spend the rest of the money. The groom wanted to use the money for a fancy honeymoon in some exotic country and a downpayment for a house. Jessica on the other hand wanted to give half of the money to her parents who always struggled in life. “My family means everything to me, if he doesn’t respect my family, he doesn’t deserve me.”  The wedding was cancelled and Jessica now lived with her parents again.

Their venue was non-refundable so Jessica decided to donate it to another couple who was getting married soon.

The wedding would have taken place two weeks after their big fight, and the venue was non-refundable. Jessica had a brilliant idea though. She decided to give away her dream venue to another bride. To find the right couple, she made the announcement on Facebook. Jessica read every comment and in the end she chose one couple who wasn’t able to afford a nice wedding. The couple was thrilled, they even invited Jessica to their wedding. It might not have been Jessica’s special day, but it was special in many other ways.