The Best Robot Vacuums for Hands-Free Cleaning

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The Best Robot Vacuums for Hands-Free Cleaning

Cleaning carpet and hardwood keeps getting easier—and smarter. As robotic vacuums continue to evolve they now include friendly chats with Alexa controlling systems, remote and app controls, auto charging, multiple cleaning modes, and sensors that ensure your personal cleaning robot doesn’t take a tumble down the stairs.

We run through some of the best robots to suck the dirt from your life.

Deebot N79S


Ecovacs improved on the popular DEEBOT N79—the most-purchased robot vacuum on Amazon—by introducing the N79s with 1000 pa, four cleaning modes and a litany of personalized features. Owners can set a cleaning schedule, operate it with a Wi-Fi remote—even if not at home—turn on auto charging, and activate alerts in case it gets stuck.

Beyond the smart app, owners can control it with Alexa-compatible voice commands. When left alone, the N79s features 100 minutes of edge cleaning, spot cleaning, and has anti-collision and anti-falling sensors.


Koios K13


The low noise level doesn’t mean Koios isn’t cleaning. Whether auto cleaning, spot, edge or single-room modes, you can schedule the robot and have it return to its dock for recharge before the battery runs its 90-minute course. With infrared sensors to guard against collisions and falls, the 500ml anti-spill dust box includes air filtration and overall reviewers enjoyed the efficiency and quality.

Oregon Scientific Strong Suction Robot Cleaner

With a hefty 1400 pa, a measurement of suction power, the Oregon Scientific robot is about more than just cleaning power. The robot includes the ability to schedule work (only time and not days, one reviewer pointed out), operate off a remote control, recharge automatically, and do it all with anti-collision and anti-drop infrared sensors. The 360-degree roller moves it in any direction with its three-tier cleaning system that includes a rubber brush and HEPA feature.


ILife A4s

Using a Li-ion battery, the “activate max” mode sends this robot through your home for 140 minutes in one charge. With a low-profile design, expect it to slide under beds and sofas and adapt on the fly to low-pile and hardwood floors. The tangle-free roller bush and two side brushes aims to get the ILIFE into every corner of dirt in the home, all with sensors to keep it from bumping and falling. Reviewers appreciated how well the vacuum grabbed every manner of debris.


Shark ION 750 Connected


The combination of a Wi-Fi-connected app and Alexa voice control (or Google Home) allows owners to program and monitor the robot from anywhere, even as it cleans, docks, or automatically recharges, giving them ultimate control. The self-cleaning helix-pattern high-tensile bristles on the brushroll capture hair, dust, dander and allergens while the sensors navigate floors and carpets while avoiding obstacles. Expect over an hour of cleaning time and a thin design to maneuver below furniture. This device has it all.

Eufy RoboVac 11+

A three-point cleaning system received an upgrade with the power-boost technology that automatically increases suction power when extra vacuuming strengths is needed.

Recharging automatically after about 100 minutes of constant suction, the anti-scratch tempered glass cover includes 11 infrared sensors for evading obstacles and avoiding falls. The .55-liter dust box reduces the frequency of emptying and .39-inch thinness helps it slide into more places. Users can operate a remote to manually control the RoboVac or set a desired length of cleaning time.