Man Refusing to let go of Ex-Girlfriend’s Car Hood

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Man Refusing to let go of Ex-Girlfriend’s Car Hood

A man was seen clinging on the hood of a black car, driving along the I-95 Interstate in Miami. The driver was Patresha Isidore, she tried to escape from her stalking ex-boyfriend. When she was about to pick up their babygirl, her ex-boyfriend Junior Francis jumped on the hood of the car.  Isidore didn’t know what to do, and drove off onto the high-way. 

Patresha Isidore was driving on the highway, with her ex-boyfriend Junior Francis hanging on the hood of her car.

Though they broke up months ago, Patresha Isidore and her ex Junior Francis were still living together, along with their baby daughter. Lately, Francis had become more and more abusive. Isidore was heading out to pick up their daughter, but Francis did not want her to go and flung himself onto his ex’s car instead. Patresha was scared and decided to drive off, while her ex was hanging on the hood of the car. He refused to let go, Patresha had no choice but to drive on the high way. While driving 70 mph, Francis was calmly hanging on the hood with one hand, he used the other hand to call the police. He ended up holding on to that hood for 20 miles.

Patresha was about to pick up her daughter, but her ex jumped on her car.

Patresha begged him to get off. “I didn’t think I had it in me to stay on for that long,” Francis said. Authorities released 911 calls from the incident, including the call from Francis in which he can be heard repeatedly yelling at Isidore to stop the vehicle. “I gave him many chances to get off,” Patresha said. “He would not let go of the car.

Francis wasn’t freaked. With one hand he hold on to the car, with the other he was on the phone.

Another driver on the highway filmed a video of the weird scene. Sarah Masters was driving next to the car with the man lying on the hood, while the car was speeding at 70 mph. “He didn’t even looked freaked out, but I was freaking out,” Midah said, adding: “All I was thinking was that the guy was going to slide off and cause an accident.”

Other drivers managed to film the man hanging on the hood of the car.

Patresha eventually pulled off the road and drove to a local police station. She was arrested for “culpable negligence” but was then released quickly, when they saw it was her ex that was really the one causing the problems. Patresha then managed to save up some money and moved out with her daughter, far away from her ex-boyfriend.