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How To Select Perfumes For Women

When it comes to perfume choices and selections, men and women are on an altogether different plateau. Rarely would you come across a woman or man who wears a perfume that is worn by the opposite sex. This is the reason why it becomes all the more challenging for men to select perfumes for women as you can never be sure that they would like what you have chosen. However you can increase your chances of success if you bear certain tips before stepping out on your shopping mission. In this article, we give you key pointers that will help you select the perfect perfumes for women.

Men may be lovers of strong perfumes but when it comes to women they prefer fragrances that are more subtle in nature. Women tend to love fragrances that are clean, youthful and energetic in appeal. A perfume that is loud and which has an overpowering odor would never suit their sensibilities.

Floral fragrances go great with women who are romantic at heart while foody fragrances (the chocolate and vanilla ranges) appeal to women who are caring and affectionate by nature. Woody or chypre perfumes are preferred by women with a free spirited and down to earth attitude. If your lady is one who craves to be the centre of attention, then an oriental fragrance having cinnamon, amber and musky scents can be the perfect gift for her.

So as you can see knowing your woman’s nature is important if you are trying to nail down a fragrance of her choice. Shopping from her perspective will ensure that you don’t go wrong. Women also pay a great deal of importance to the packaging of the perfume and hence it is necessary that the packaging be immaculate when you are gifting it to her.

However even after reading this if you still remain clueless on what your girl would like, then it is best that you take another female along (ideally a close friend of hers) while shopping for fragrances. A woman can understand a woman must better than a man and hence her selection has greater chances of succeeding than yours. Gifts such as perfumes are different from flowers and bouquets because they help you to remember the person every time they wear it.

So if you too want to create a lasting impression in your ladies mind, then gift her with a perfect one that truly makes the occasion memorable. Hopefully these tips should come to your rescue when you are scouring the apt perfume for your lady.