Children Buy Back Father’s Beloved Mustang after He Sold it To Help His Family

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Children Buy Back Father’s Beloved Mustang after He Sold it To Help His Family

Everyone in town knew Wesley Ryan as a huge car freak. There was nothing he loved more than his 1993 Ford Mustang GT. Unfortunately when his wife got sick, Ryan had to sell his car to pay his wife’s medical bills. The family didn’t have much money and selling the Mustang was the only way. Years have passed and the children wanted to thank their dad. They made a discovery on the internet that would reunite their dad with his most prized possession.

Wesley Ryan loved cars. His 1993 Mustang GT was his most prized possession.

All his friends and family knew Wesley Ryan as a huge car freak. His dream car had always been a 1993 Mustang GT. After years of setting aside money, he could finally buy the car he always dreamed off. But then things took a bad turn. His wife got sick and desperately needed surgery. She underwent some aggressive treatments, but nothing worked. Their was a new experimental option, but it very expensive.

When his wife became sick, Ryan had to sell his Mustang to pay the medical bills.

The new treatment was her last option and they had to try it. Because it was so expensive and his family didn’t have much money, Ryan had to sell his treasured Mustang. He was devastated, but there was only one thing Ryan loved more than his car, and that was his family. Eventually the treatment worked and his wife got better. Ryan was glad he didn’t sell the car for nothing, he’d always remember it was for the best.

Ryan’s son saw the Mustang on the internet and bought it back with the help of his sister.

Ryan’s children knew how much their dad had sacrificed to help out the family. Showing how much they appreciated their father’s help wasn’t easy. One day his son Jake was surfing on the internet and he found his dad’s old car on an auction site. Jake immediately contacted the owner and made a deal to buy back the Mustang. Thanks to his children, Ryan’s beloved Mustang was brought back to him 17 years after he had sold it to help his wife.