Bride Breaks Both Feet While Practicing Dance Moves For Her Wedding

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Bride Breaks Both Feet While Practicing Dance Moves For Her Wedding

28-year-old Lyndsey Pardoe couldn’t have been a runaway bride even if she wanted to. She broke both of her feet dancing to her favorite song, when she was rehearsing her dance moves  for her wedding. The couple had planned a small reception. Eventually, Lindsey’s broken feet led her to have a way more magical wedding than she could have ever dreamed off.

To make a great impression on her wedding, Lyndsey Pardoe had been practicing for weeks to the pop hit “C’est La Vie” by B*Witched. For her dance choreography, she had to jump up a lot in the air. After a while, she felt a ticklish feeling in her feet. “I landed a little funny, but there wasn’t anything really wrong.” The next day, she went to the hospital, doctors told her she had broken both her feet.

While practicing for her wedding dance, Lyndsey Pardoe broke both of her feet.

Lyndsey and her husband Sean had spent weeks planning their wedding reception in Pittsburgh. With Lyndsey having broken both her feet, those plans fell through, unfortunately. Sean took some time off from work to help his fiancée with daily chores. After Lyndsey’s feet had fully healed, she took up dancing classes again.

After her feet were fully healed, Pardoe started practicing her dance moves again.

She was a bit more careful than before, but she still vowed to dance to her favorite band B*Witched. The couple even decided to take their wedding one step further this time. They had always dreamed of getting married on the white shores of Greece. Instead of getting married in Pittsburgh, they fully committed to a wedding in Greece with all of their friends and family.


Instead of getting married in Pittsburgh, the couple decided to have a huge wedding in Greece.

As it turned out, Lyndsey’s fall and broken feet ended up being advantageous for her wedding. Thanks to her broken feet, Sean and Lyndsey married on the white shores of Greece. An incredible story that shows us bad luck can always be turned around into some good luck.